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Nicole describes her experience of Unity
Nicole describes her experience of Unity

Who Can Benefit from

Dream Rider's 

Therapeutic Riding Program?

Breast Cancer Recovery

  Traumatic Brain Injury

Developmental Delay

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Children With Attention Deficit Disorder

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Dream Rider Equestrian Therapy a NARHA/PATH international member center offers a one of a kind combined Hippotherapy & Therapeutic Riding Program. We serve both special needs children especially those with neurological or attention deficit issues. We also offer rehabilitation and mentoring for recovering breast cancer patients.

 Therapeutic riding has been shown to enhance both physical and emotional health for children with disabilities and adults with various physical and or mental challenges. At Dream Rider Equestrian therapy, carefully trained ponies are used to assist the recovery of children whose special needs require movement induced physical therapy to overcome weakness or atrophy of muscles resulting either from congenital neurological problems or are the result of traumatic injury. Effectiveness of the physical therapy is enhanced with music therapy where clients move to music on the horses.

 Hippotherapy in our program is conducted by a licensed occupational therapist using the  movement of the horse to help the patient improve strength, balance, coordination, sensory processing, and improved overall function.   

At Dream Rider, we believe that EAAT (Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies) can also enhance the quality of life, physical strength, and emotional/mental health of breast cancer survivors. Dream Rider Equestrian Therapy is the pioneer equine-assisted rehabilitation program addressing the specific needs of breast cancer patients and is currently the only program of this kind dedicated to serving the breast cancer community. 

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In the only equine facility which provides this life-affirming process for women with breast cancer—and with the support and guidance of a breast cancer survivor, who pioneered this healing process for herself.

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Catherine Hand, survivor and NARHA Advanced Instructor has dedicated Dream Rider Equestrian Therapy to helping other breast cancer patients survive and thrive.

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