Volunteers train to help breast cancer patients on our special therapy horse, thirty-year-old, Shalom, who seems to know just what to do to take care of his rider. LenJudd

Special people answered our call for volunteers and came forward in June of 2010 to begin training for the delicate task of supporting our breast cancer clients. They showed wonderful tact, talent and willingness to learn how to handle both the special needs horse and client whose dignity and impairments must be treated with care and discretion. Their friendship and generous sharing of their time is so appreciated.

This kind of program cannot be conducted safely without such women. Also the young women from 4H, girl scouts and other riding schools, who came all summer to groom and exercise Shalom to keep him fit for his job, have done exceptional work with him.  We hope for more such volunteers in the future. There are many aspects to the volunteer role in a therapeutic riding venue. A creative job is available for almost anyone willing to offer her time.

 Here are the comments of one volunteer after her experience in the training. She volunteered as a photographer, but wanted to try the therapy:

“I was moved by the generosity and patience of Shalom...He was so wonderful. I couldn't help feel overwhelmed by the experience...and I was very happy by the time I left.... I couldn't and wouldn't help my smile...it showed exactly how I was feeling.

Thank you for doing that today...I hope it goes well in the future and of course I want to be involved as a photographer or as a helper with the horses with any upcoming events. I think you should document every participants involvement...it would keep those positive vibes going once the survivor went home...pictures are always good to have to cement the experience into the mind or psyche...for healing’s sake...

 I will be in touch...thank you for the very special experience...thank you for sharing your life and your blessings with all of us!"

Karen E. Donahue

June 5. 2010

Click here to download a volunteer registration packet and to select the option for which volunteer function best suits your talents and availability. Regular volunteer training session will be ongoing to train new personnel in safety procedures. Watch for upcoming scheduled volunteer events.  Go to the Alpine Community Network Calendar to find Dream Rider Volunteer Events Announcements.


When you volunteer your time at Dream Rider, you will have a life-changing experience because you have made a difference in the life of someone else. But it doesn't end there...you will have amazing stories to share with your family and friends, you can tell them about the amazingly beautiful Arabian horse, Shalom and the brilliant pinto pony Treasure both of whom save lives. You can tell about the beautiful friendships you have developed with our clients and other volunteers. We call this the mentored healing experience and we invite you to join us in improving the health and quality of life of women who have lost so much.  We offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities in a variety of capacities. Here's how you can help:

  • Participate in weekly lessons as a leader or sidewalker
  • Participate weekly in the care and grooming of our horses
  • Offer administrative assistance
  • Assist with stable care and maintenance
  • Assist with building projects
  • Serve on fundraising and event committees
  • Update website
  • Aid in gardening and landscape design
  • Write grants

Download our Volunteer Packet

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